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neverlandfan's Journal

6 April 1992
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ok, yea........fine, but i hate Bios.
I'm 13......and I'm a girl, obviously.....I have long brown/red/gold/black hair (not by chemicals lol i was born that way) and brown/blue eyes. Depends on if I felt like wearing my prescriptive colour contacts that day. (real eye colour: brown; so PLAIN ugh! no offnese to brownies lol) I usually go for the BLUE!
I love Skandar Keynes.......and NARNIA!!!!!!! AND NEVERLAND!!!!!!!!!! PETER PAN ROCKS!!!!!! I saw Finding Neverland 23 times in the movie theatres! (NOT kidding!) I have the tickets to prove it! ha! AND i know all the lines by memory...
Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore ROCK!!!!!
I LOVE NARNIA! lol I'm a Skandarnite, too.....

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i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

As Edmund, while you may be quick to lose your temper or appear unfriendly, you are known for doing the right thing in the end.

Narnia Personality Quiz

Please visit my skandar website, it has 1200 pics of Skandar!YAY!!!
EDIT: Nvm Skandar. He's a lovely boy but I'm over him. sigh. Now how do u get this thing to work..I said the word 'rock' too much, didin't I? I sound too preppy and chippery as well. I hear..BACON POPPING IN GRASE! x_X I'm a very random being. But I swear I can hear it..